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Parent Testimonials

"The toddler program at Heartfelt Impressions has been absolutely the best decision we have made for the educational development for our daughter. Every day she goes to Heartfelt Impressions she is so excited and cannot wait to get there. She even calls it school. I enjoy listening to her telling about her day and I love the creative projects that she brings home. It is sometimes hard to believe that she is only two because she is so advanced in her development. She can even count to ten in Spanish! We owe this all to Heartfelt Impressions toddler program and the amazing staff!" —Amber Howard


I worked in a daycare right before I had my son. I was in and out of their toddler room to break people for lunches. After seeing their lack of structure and the way their program was run, I was turned off of putting my son in a daycare. I placed my son in an in-home daycare thinking he was going to get a little more one-on-one interaction. However, I wasn't seeing any growth in his development. So I began researching and asking around. The owners of Heartfelt Impressions came highly recommended. and so, I added them to the list of daycares I wanted to stop in and see. After my first visit, I was comforted and content with the idea of leaving my son in the care of the awesome staff at Heartfelt Impressions. They treat him so well, they have a program, they interact with him a lot, he learns something new everyday, and they are focused on helping me raise a child who is well-rounded. He is learning to share, interact with those his own age, sign language, verbal language, and his cognitive skills and spatial relation are skyrocketing. I am so thankful that I opened my mind back up to a daycare and I'm so thankful Heartfelt Impressions took my son into their family!
—Tricia Hewitt


"My almost-two-year-old goes to school without hesitation two days a week. She is happy to kiss me goodbye and is off to eat at the table or play with her friends. Heartfelt Impressions meets my every expectation as a child care center; first to give emotional comfort that provides the opportunity for learning. Second, they expose her to much more than I have access to and she learns a lot, including the all-important social skills. Another important factor is the way they value process over product. A sure sign of a kid that young being creative with (and enjoying) an art project is for it to look a mess." —Kelly Z


The Green Frogs (Toddler) room is such a great environment for my son. There is never a struggle to get him to go because he has so much fun playing there. He is learning while playing too! When we were shopping for pumpkins for Halloween, he pointed at and said "Pumpkin" and I know he didn't learn that from us since we had yet to get ours. It's simply amazing to watch him grow. Our son loves it and I know the teachers there love him. I couldn't ask for a better place to care for my son. —Allie A


We recently switched to Heartfelt Impressions (HI) from a daycare we had been with for over six years (since the birth of our oldest son; we now have a two-year old daughter). We had become uncomfortable with the number of changes occurring at our previous daycare and wanted to find a place with which we could once again feel comfortable leaving our daughter. We knew Rhonda & Amy from a previous acquaintanceship and had great faith in their caregiving experience. The first day we started at HI, from the moment we walked in, the environment was in stark contrast from our previous daycare. All the caregivers were friendly, energized, and attentive. Moreover, there was a fun, positive vibe infusing the room between the caregivers and kids. Our daughter’s caregiver is everything we could hope for. She is tender and loving and very communicative about our daughter’s day, texting updates/stories and sending pictures of all her adventures. It was a very difficult decision to leave our prior daycare after so many years, but our experience has been so positive with HI, we know we made the right decision. —Sherry K


"When I first walked in to Heartfelt Impressions, it felt like home; I knew my daughter would be in good hands. She started at Heartfelt Impressions when she was 5 months old and has thrived ever since. The teachers genuinely care about each of the children and work with their unique personalities and help them grow. My daughter is now 16 months old and gets excited when we pull into the parking lot because she knows she is going to have so much fun! I love reading the special notes that the teachers take the time to leave for me. I can read about what the class did that day and laugh at all the funny anecdotes about my daughter. I highly recommend Heartfelt Impressions to anyone!"
—Gina C.


"Where do I begin? After switching day cares a number of times over the past three years, I think my husband and I have finally found a center that we can call home! The care and love that the Heartfelt staff give to our two sweet boys each and every day is indescribable! The infant room is warm and friendly and the infant teachers make us feel welcome the second we walk through the door. My 7-month-old took to the infant teachers right away and it brings me such joy to know that in my absence, he still gets hugs, love and attention all day long! The teachers are great about communicating to parents and my husband and I feel comfortable addressing any questions or concerns we may have regarding our little one. It’s amazing how much switching to Heartfelt has changed our lives and we are entirely grateful for all of the love and care that the Heartfelt staff give to our sweet boys each and every day. What a difference they have made in our lives!"


"We are new to the Heartfelt Impressions family, but so far it has been a very positive experience. We came here because we were having some not-so-positive experiences at my daughter's previous school and both Rhonda and Amy have been extremely helpful and accommodating. The transition process was seamless and my daughter couldn't be happier. At the same time, I was looking to enroll my 18-month-old son into a program as well. Being that I was not satisfied with our previous school was even more of a reason to make a switch."

"My daughter is currently in the Yellow Stars classroom and just LOVES Miss Barbie. Each day she comes home and tells me about all the fun things she has done and learned. We love getting our daily newsletter email and pictures to see what the kids have been doing and the fun they are having. Really keeps us connected."


"My son has adjusted extremely well to the whole preschool atmosphere. He is in the Colorful Caterpillars room and is always smiling and happy when I come to pick him up. Drop-off sometimes is a little rough, but he always recovers within minutes and loves to sit and play with Miss Robin. She does a wonderful job distracting him when it's time for me to go. They integrate him into the older toddler group as much as possible, which I love, and he is learning so many new things! The daily progress sheet is very informative and goes over every step of the day including how much he ate and how many diaper changes he had. Miss Robin occasionally text messages me pictures, which is a nice bonus! Love seeing my little guy having so much fun."


"Caleb always seems to want to stay at the end of the day. It is sometimes hard to get him to stop what he is doing so we can go home. It is apparent to me that Caleb really enjoys his time at Heartfelt Impressions. The family focus of care is one of the reasons we love Heartfelt Impressions so much. The other big reason (which made our decision to enroll very easy) is the relation that we have developed over the past 6 years with Rhonda and Amy. The true heartfelt care that our children receive is very comforting and makes it easy to drop them off in the morning. I sometimes feel bad that I don’t reach out more than I do, but I know that things are, and if something is amiss, I would be contacted if I needed to be aware." —Rick Woodruff


"If I were to describe the program that my child is involved in I would say that I drop my daughter off at a center that we are greeted every morning by people that are truly happy to see her and show it in how they fuss over her. She can break the eggs and mix pancake batter for the breakfast that she will enjoy on my early drop off week or smell the breakfast she will enjoy on my late week. We hear about projects that are planned for the day including the kids that will just return for after school care. When I leave Heartfelt Impressions I know that my daughter will be in good hands because they are not just a center they are family."  —Tammy Montgomery


"My son has only been at Heartfelt Impressions for a few weeks, but so far we are very pleased with the program. We recently moved to Lake Orion, and I was terribly concerned about finding adequate childcare. As a former teacher, I have unusually high expectations for my children's educational setting. At Heartfelt Impressions, I feel confident that my son is enjoying the level of care and developmental stimulation that I want for him. Max seems to be benefitting already from the multisensory approach to learning in Miss Carissa's classroom. Further, the emphasis on activities that promote socioemotional development is helping him mature and prepare to enter a kindergarten setting. Max certainly likes Miss Carissa, and I find that she is very wise in her approach to guiding the children in her care. I also appreciate her eagerness to communicate with us as parents, sharing not only the run-down of the daily routine, but details about how Max is responding to his new environment. The concern for my child'smy family's—wellbeing doesn't stop at the classroom: the staff and directors all take an interest in how Max is progressing and how our family is adjusting. Perhaps most importantly, my child approves of Heartfelt Impressions, and greets me every morning by asking if he can go to his school!" —Alison Lemarechal


"My husband and I couldn't be happier about the choice we made to send our infant and 4-year-old daughters to Heartfelt Impressions! We feel so secure with the care they provide. The facility has such a home-like atmosphere and at the same time our preschooler is learning so much! My daughter actually asked if I could drop her off in the morning and not come back for her until the end of the day-and this was on a day when she wasn't supposed to be there! We're so grateful to the directors and teachers for taking care of our babies as they would their own!" —Mike & Teresa Robinson

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